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Metal & Shingle Roofing

We are one of the largest installers in the Quinte area of steel and shingle roofing. We pride ourselves in the quality of our roof installations, with picture perfect installations every time. We pay strict attention to the care of your property and shrubbery; also, clean-up work when your roof is complete
Duration Shingle Roofs
Metal Roofing
Roofing Repair & New Roofing
When Its Time to Replace Your Roof

You should routinely inspect your roof twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Do a visual check from the outside; remove debris from the rooftop, drains, gutters and downspouts. Check the flashing around chimneys, vents and skylights to ensure there are no cracks or breaks which can lead to leaks.

When inspecting your roof look for visible holes, missing shingles, curled shingles, mold, rot, moisture, leaks, water damage or sagging and granules in your gutter.

Owens Corning Duration Shingles

TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles are specially formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof. Through the use of multiple granule colours and shadowing, TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles offer a truly unique and dramatic effect. The exclusive combination of colour and depth is what makes TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles like no other.

Absolute General Contractors is proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, offering only the best customer service and by continuously updating our team on the latest trends in the industry allows us to maintain this status.

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Agway Metal Roofing

A major benefit of metal roofing systems is that they can be installed on literally any type of new building, no matter the size, shape or other architectural element. Those of you who have a roof already (different than metal roof) should not be worry, as they can opt for a conversion of the old roof into a new metal one. You should know that metal roofs can replace any other type of roofing system, including tile, shingle and bitumen. To learn more about Agway’s Metal Roofing, click here.

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