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Absolute Contractors is your choice for commercial construction. Our estimates of costs and time lines will prove to be extremely accurate. Absolute will offer you building and material alternatives that will improve the quality of the job and the value of your investment. Absolute has the experience required to plan and execute your project properly.

Commercial Contracting
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Commercial Work

If you have a challenging design, an unusual project, or a project in an environmentally sensitive area, Absolute Contractors are the one's to see. They have a track record of solving challenges and of working with enforcement agencies to come up with an economical solution for your project. Their willingness to tackle a challenging problem, makes your choice simple: call Absolute.

Our range for Commercial building projects is much larger than for residential projects. We have made successful bids on contracts as far west as Sarnia, as far north as Barrie, and as far east as Pembrook, Ottawa, and Cornwall.


Absolute has a wide range of experience. Work has been completed for a wide range of clients ranging from apartment owners, to federal, provincial, and  municipal projects.

Estimates and Planning

At Absolute we will carefully study the requirements for your project. We will seek estimates in advance from other professionals and sub-contractors. Then, this information will be combined with our past experience to provide you with an accurate estimate of both time and costs.

Project Management

Managing the unforeseen is what makes a successful contractor. At Absolute, we ensure that a site administrator is assigned to your project to guarantee quality assurance. In this way we become aware of the inevitable hurdles that may affect the completion of your project and can deal with them right away. Our leadership and proactive management style help us to ensure that your milestones are achieved and your project has a successful outcome.


Communications is a critical factor to ensure customer satisfaction. Communications begins with an achieveable work schedule. This schedule must be complete yet flexible, and all related communications must be clear and concise. We ensure that all affected parties are aprised of relevant changes in work schedules and design specifications.

Environmental Concerns

Anyone who follows the news these days will realize how quickly a neglect for the environment can derail a project. At Absolute, caring for the environment is of the utmost priority. We have completed many successful projects in highly sensitive ecological areas.

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