Company Profile

Absolute Contractors was founded in 1994 by Kirk Putnam. One of his very first projects is shown above. This billboard can still be seen near Shannonville raceway in Southeastern Ontario.

From this modest beginning, the Quinte based business grew quickly as people came to realize that you could count on Absolute Contractors for quality, service, and timely completion of projects.

Absolute Contractor’s list of successful construction projects is incredibly diverse. Absolute has completed renovations, additions, and new building projects for commercial companies, government agencies, the military, and residential clients.

They have executed a large number of unusual outdoor and rural building projects, such as stairs down a steep slope, bridges, and walkways.

Kirk provides oversight, and direction to all the major projects and offers creative solutions for many construction problems. Other family members play a role in the management of the office.

The company also maintains excellent relationships with other professionals such as engineers and designers. Absolute has the necessary resources to complete your building project no matter what the scope.

Absolute Promise

Our goal is to provide quality competent workmanship at a fair and competitive price.

To meet this goal, we begin with an initial consultation to determine your needs and follow up with careful inspections as the work progresses. As the client, you will be considered throughout the process to ensure that the project is meeting your expectations.

If you have a modest project with an equally modest budget, we will ensure that your project is completed.

We are contractors and not handymen. If you need your fence repaired, then we will gladly refer you to someone who does that kind of work without the need for the additional expenses related to contractors.

Our Consultants

Our contract consultants will provide you with comprehensive, fair and accurate pricing. We ensure that your project is properly planned and that all the necessary design and engineering work is done.

During the project, our site supervisors ensure the quality of the work, accuracy of installations, and job site safety. As a home or business owner, you are an important part of the team and consulted whenever necessary.

Due to our thorough planning and attention to detail during construction, you do not need to worry about deficiencies or warranty issues. We will solve any problems quickly to ensure your long lasting customer satisfaction.

Our estimates are free and we are eager to assist with your designs and plans, so give Absolute a call!

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