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Commercial Construction Projects

County of Hastings Replace Mansard Siding

Removal of existing shingle roofs and replace with new steel roofs.

Contract value $ $44,850.00
Duration - 2 Weeks


DCC Trenton Wooden Truss Repair B174

This was a Warren Truss Hanger requiring extensive service repair. Warren Trusses are large span timber trusses designed for temporary structures for World War 2 . Rather than deconstruction post ww2 the military decided to maintain these buildings for long term use. An extensive maintenance program was created and implemented. The final remaining few hundred buildings are in poor structural condition .

This contract required repair and replacement detail of several truss members, AGC designed and implemented the compression connections required including hoisting, dapping, split rings, maluable washers etc. It was a trip through the past.

Contract Value - $326,842.45
Duration - 2 Months


Public Works & Gov. Services Canada

Replaced a total of 23 Shingled Roofs for the Joyceville Minimum Security Institute living units, 42, 500 sq. ft of shingled roofing with extensive steel flashings

Contract Value - $237,300.00
Duration - 2 Months


DCC Trenton Canadian Forces Housing Agency

Window & Siding Replacements on 30 residential housing units, approximately 800 windows and 400 sq of vinyl siding. Each window was retrofit to the studs including new jam extension, casing and curtain board. We managed 4 crews of 5 men .

Contract Value - $448,644.50
Duration - 3 Months


County of Hastings Patio Doors

Remove & Replace 46 Patio Garden Doors , Complete removal and disposal including interior and exterior flashings and trim while these units were occupied.

Contract Value - $94,937.00
Duration - 2 Weeks

Restoration of Portsmouth Town Hall

Portsmouth Town Hall is a historic building now in the GTA of Kingston Ontario. The structure is over two hundred years old with limestone foundation and walls, wood timber framed roof , steeple and spire . Our contract was the refurbishment of all exterior wood elements and installation of a new tile steel roof. The little steeple and spire as viewed from the ground became a daunting task to hoist to the ground. We underestimated the size and weight of this component. We worked for weeks removing all of the lead paint ( type 1 abatement ). We replicated and replaced individual wood components but the real shocker was the finish prime and paint Epifanes North America specified primer and paint at $ 50 dollars a litre. After two consecutive painting sub-trades quit we used our own forces to finish painting the steeple and spire. The entire contract was an awesome experience ending with a plaque of appreciation from the Kingston Historical Society.

Contract Value - $105,100.00
Duration - 3 Months